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Hey!  I'm Kathy and I live in Baltimore, Maryland.  I'm a rust belt girl from New York state.  I landed here below the Mason-Dixon Line about 10 years ago.

I sew primarily for myself and sometimes for folks I like.  I make useful, everyday garments for normal life.  No cotillion gowns here, folks.  I work with knits often because they are easy to wash and wear.  I've been a bit of a long distance runner since 2012 so I sew super fun and crazy, colorful activewear.  I sew almost all of my own wardrobe from coats to pants to dresses. Plus I'm obsessed with lingerie sewing, so I have a whole drawerful of my own custom bras and undies.

My sewing machine artillery is a duet of some serious workhorses... I use a Kenmore machine from Sears along with a Brother 1034D serger... I really want a coverstitch machine soon.  My sewing skills are basically all self taught-- my mom taught me a few hand sewing stitches when I was a girl and some sewing machine basics when I was a teenager-- I've progressed a bit since then! I am obsessed with sewing... if I'm not working on a project I'm likely daydreaming about one. This here blog is where I share my photos and thoughts about my sewing escapades.

I'd love to here from you!  kathhhhhy {at} gmail {dot} com

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  1. Hi Kathy,
    I discovered your blog today and have been blowing off work (with my office door closed) to cruise through your posts. I love everything you've got going on here! Our taste in clothing is quite similar and so are our fitting issues.

    I've been wanting to sew my own athletic wear for a long time & you've inspired me to do so. I can't wait to get home & pull out my sewing machine.

    Thanks a bunch for the inspiration and information!
    Mary in Alaska