Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Orange Lingerie Montgomery Briefs & A Marlborough Bra

I'm back in business with sewing up more undies and bras. I blogged more in depth over on Fabric Mart's blog if you want to read that here.

I used my TNT bra pattern, the Marlborough Bra.  You can see all of my adventures in sewing, altering and all that stuff here on my blog since it was released last year.

This was my first go with the Orange Lingerie Montgomery brief.  I didn't really talk about the fit on FM's blog.  I made a size large waist and graded to an XL for hip/backside.  I feel like I want to size up to a straight XL in the waist, it's a tad snug, but totally wearable.  I am a bit surprised at the decent back side coverage, I've often had trouble in the past with coverage in that area with other undies patterns-- always needing way more fabric back there for comfort.  I would classify the amount of coverage as the minimal amount for an everyday pair of undies... meaning I could take a bit more fabric there for everyday wear BUT it's not weird feeling at all.  (I'm trying super hard not to make this sound weird and attract creepers from google to my blog!!!!)   The no VPL (visual panty line) detail is pretty ingenious... it's really true, there is no VPL... BUT since the waist on these 2 pairs are a tad snug, they create a mildly noticeable line if I wear concerned about it under a cute skirt or dress.  As far as ease of sewing... very easy, especially having sewn lingerie for several years now.

My galoon lace I used on the front panels was a tad too narrow to completely cover it.  I lined it and allowed the lower edge of the lace to show-- it's a pretty scalloped edge so it looks totally intentional.  I used a zig zag stitch to secure it to the lining.

Hurray for pretty underthings!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am working on a smart looking lined black velveteen blazer right now, so I have to put sewing up more undies on hold for now.  Oh my goodness, who told me to use BLACK VELVETEEN!?!?  Every bit of lint is showing up on it as I go.  My pattern is from the August 2015 issue of Burda.  My contrast will be a faux leather!! Saucy!!!!!!  I made my muslin and I barely needed any alterations outside of standard lengthening and grading for a fuller hip.  That back waist seam is AWESOME for me... no swayback adjustment at all. What!?!?!!  It has a two piece sleeve and center back seam-- two of my favorite elements in a jacket when it comes to fitting.  That model lady looks so happy to be wearing her green and mauve velvet blazer.  



  1. Just questioning whether the lack of elastic on the back legs allows the fabric to shift from side to side? I like to stay fully covered! Tammy

    1. I've wondered about that too Tammy. It's the main concern that has prevented me from purchasing the pattern. I have a pretty flat behind, thus non-elastic leg openings tend to creep up on me. What do you think Kathy? Do these undies stay put well?

    2. I've only worn them under jeans and haven't had an issue from that. Now after wearing them a full day I feel like I need to add more length in back because they are riding up a tad... I have a lot of umm.... let's say AREA to cover back there.

      I think that the grain & stretch f the fabric is key for this. The pattern places the stretch along the length of the back edge (where the elastic usually is). The back seems graded with a small tad of negative ease on me, therefore keeping them in place. This is my estimated guess from how they feel on me.

    3. Thanks so much Kathy, that's very helpful info! I love the Marlborough Bra and I've been yearning to snap up the matching Montgomery Briefs. I think I'll give it a go, and if they do creep I can always try adding elastic as I do to OoohLulu's Grace Panties (which also have a non-elasticated leg opening).

      Your bra and undies are so pretty and fun. I love fun patterned or colored lingerie and always find your lingerie sewing very inspiring :D>

  2. Very pretty! I love homesewn undies, they fit so much better! I am a bit intimidated on sewing my own bra yet though!