Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Lekala 4824 Top & McCall's 6069 Dress

Alright.  Lack of blogging for me doesn't mean lack of the following: sewing, thinking about sewing, shopping for fabrics and patterns or buying of fabrics and patterns-- I've been doing it all!  I've completed a series of simple sewing projects in the past few weeks but the big scary bugs in my backyard have been keeping me from taking pics.  I sucked it up and hung out with the giant, yet docile, Cicada Killers.  (Cicada Killers-- giagantic bugs that look exactly like a mega sized wasp, but don't bother me ever I've come to find.... just annoy me by buzzing around my head.)

First off is Lekala 4824.  I've never sewn a Lekala pattern ever ever ever!  So for giggles I ordered this simple knit top pattern and made a somewhat wearable muslin.  It needs a major swayback adjustment, I know it, guys.  It's been sitting in my sewing room, done as could be, for say a month and today I finally wore it because I realize no one else around me would ever care about my desperate need for swayback adjusting and what not.  The ladies at work loved it, so that's pretty cool.  (I have a job... did I ever mention that on my blog?  I started back working mid-winter.)

Looking at my majestic corn stalks, they are HUGE!

The front is very plain.  I scooped out a lot in the neckline, that bad boy was way up on my neck before.  I also got rid of the two separate front bodice pieces, uniting them as one.  And of course, I did bindings on the sleeve openings where I excluded the sleeves.  All in all, after trying this easy Lekala pattern, I'd safely say I'd buy another if the mood stuck me.

I love McCall's 6069 dress pattern.  I've used it about four or five times... but like several years back and never blogged about them. Here's an old Pattern Review with some really awesome fabric, but the blue ran in the wash so I can't really wear it.

 The fabric is a super slinky poly jersey. Holy geez it's impossible to sew a hem on... so it's left raw.  Every needle I used just chewed through it.  BUT it was no problem on my serger sewing up the seams.

The cowl is kinda lower, so for modesty's sake I wear a tank top underneath for work.  I also turned the skirt into an a-line so it could flow nicely over the hips and thighs... no clinginess please with this material.

You can't see it because the ultra awesome crazy print won't let you... but the back neckline is obnoxiously flipping out a little showing the facing.   Oh well.  I still wear it, who's going to stop me!?

That's that.  And OOH MY goodness!  It was my birthday last week and my husband got me and AMAZING gift... a brand new fancy pants camera.  It's a Nikon D5100, a digital SLR.  It came with a whole package deal.  I'm at the "messing around" stage with it... I took these quickie snapshots for this blog post with the camera.


  1. Oh I love both garments! I've made the Lekala bow top before, instant gratification!

  2. The Lekala top with the bow feature in the back is soooo nice! I can't get over it, lol!! I've tried one Lekala pattern, but it ended up fitting me WAY too small. I would totally sew this top because of that fun detail, though. The Mccalls dress is nice, too. The fabric makes the whole design shine.

  3. I've got that lekala pattern sitting waiting for me to make it but I keep getting put off by the idea of a dart in a knit top. Did you sew the dart of just ease the front into the back? I like it a lot in plain black and sleeveless on you!

  4. I love the lekala top such a cute bow :)

  5. Cute top, lovely dress.
    I just have rabbits in my garden. They get a little mad when I chop into their weed cover.

  6. Happy belated birthday tidings! I love that Lakela top.