Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Couple of Fehr Trade XYT Running Tops

I whipped up a couple of my very favorite running tops this week.  It's much too cold for these shirts at the moment (hello, sub-zero wind chills!)  I've made the XYT Tops from Fehr Trade a number of times already.  My first versions are here, more here and a hack here.  I stuck with the same sizing.  I made a small bust, graded to a medium waist and large hip.  I also added 3" (7.6 cm) to the length since I really like a longer top for running.

For both tops, the solid colors are a New Balance wicking polyester spandex  material with a 4-way stretch.  I kept the bodice hem unfisnished... this stuff does not unravel ever.  For the citron green one I used a fun magenta fold-over elastic for some of the edges.  The neckline is a binding fro the self fabric I made, serged and top-stitched on.  The back panel on the upper back is a nylon/spandex mesh.  So fun... it's a crazy paisley, organic looking sheer print.

I love this earth-tone reddish brown tone.  The mesh in back is a nylon/spandex.  If you have an eagle eye you will recognize it from a bra and undies set I made recently.  These meshes have nice 4-way stretch as well.

Here is a zoomed in shot of the mesh, fold-over elastic and bindings I made.  I really like the look of the zig zag stitching.  The mesh will be so nice on the crazy hot days this summer.

Here are the two tops without my sports bra straps distracting the eye.  The front of thee tops are all business-- simple and clean-- but party in the back!  I'm going to enter these guys in the Pattern Review Activewear Contest, too.  Why not?!  I have other projects for the contest half done, but the cut off date for entering is today.  I'll get those done pretty soon though.

*The black and gray tights are Papercut's Ooh La Leggings and are blogged here.


  1. Love your tops! I especially love your mesh back.

  2. Perfect timing! I have another one of these cut out and I have been debating about what type of edge finish I should do. You have given me a couple of options. (Mine will be a yoga top. Too darn cold to think of a running top like this right now.) You have such great fabrics!

  3. Great tops!!! It's so coldddddd here in Bmore! Great sewing weather!!!!!!

  4. I like these versions a lot. The weather's just perfect here for your tops:)

  5. These look amazing! You've almost inspired me to go jogging. Not quite but almost! xxx

  6. Awesome! I made this top for the first time today and wish I'd seen your comment about lengthening it - I ended up having to add a 13cm band to mind because it was WAY too short. Otherwise it was pretty awesome to run in.

    Can I ask where you were able to find the NB wicking fabric?

    1. That's terrific! I prefer a longer length in my running tops to help cover my "assets", plus I'm slightly taller then the average lady at 5'8" (1.73 m). I finally wore one of these today underneath another longer sleeved shirt and it was just perfect for my run. The NB fabric was from They had a load of it a couple months back but it's all sold out... they intermittently have a stellar selection on activewear fabrics. You probably already did, but look at Melissa's compilation of global shops/websites that sell activewear material... it's a really great resource