Monday, September 22, 2014

Vogue 8950: A T-Shirt

I made a t-shirt. 100% cotton jersey.  The easiest thing ever.  So I am obsessing over the fit instead.  This is View A of Vogue 8950.  It's a tunic style, meaning the pattern's bodice is mega long and will cover ones rear (I shortened it some.)  View B and C are long sleeved if you that that.  It's a super roomy fit.  I looked at some other reviews of this but no one really compares their normal Vogue size to what they made, or it's not being modeled on a body.  I normally cut a 16 bodice and grade up two sizes for the widest part of my hip.  For this top I cut a half size down overall.  Worst yet, there are NO finished measurements on the envelope OR the tissue. Grrrrr!

Best picture I took this windy morning. Or ever?

I actually did NOT lengthen the pattern for once (I usually have to by 1"/2 cm since I'm 5'8"/1.73m)-- I lopped of about 2" (5 cm) off the finished hem instead.   Here, check out what it looked like before (below) I cut off that length and hemmed it while in my sewing basement... I felt like this short was screaming an early-maternity-look.  It was an odd length on my figure. The hem needed to go up.. or lengthen it for a cutesy a-line spring dress.

No likey.

I am quite pleased with the front bodice fit.  But my back side is a zone of major curves and bumps creating a need for better tailoring.

I need to do some swayback adjustment.  I *almost* did one before I even cut the fabric, but laziness prevailed.  The truth is, this is how my RTW tops already fit anyhow. But I'm not here to bust out RTW fitted tops!  I was on the ball and did alter the back neckline.  I added two dart because it was gaping out (this is a normal occurrence with almost all patterns for me.)  You can't even see them.

The side view is not my favorite.  The back has so much extra material floating around back there.  I know, you're like, why is she being so critical.  These are my notes for future reference for this pattern and I feel like I don't have a load to say about the steps and process of sewing a basic tee.

I made a pocket. Why not?  You can also see I top stitched my yoke and added a narrow binding for my neckline.  The pattern tells you to just fold over the edged and stitch?! No thanks.  I ended up cutting of enough length to remove the side vents at them and ten created a softly rounded hemline.  I used Pellon Easy Knit Tape (cut to half width) on my hem before folding it up and using a straight stitch.  This hem will never need to be stretched so a straight stitch is totally fine.  I did just fold my sleeve hems up and do a very slight zig zag stitch. This was 1.0 width and 2.5 length.


  1. This is a cute t-shirt. You look good wearing it. Most of the time, I find a new pattern needs some fine tuning the second time around. You're smart to make notes on your blog post.

  2. I like this tee, too! I think your tweaking made it look much better than where you started from. I have a top I am working on that I am having to tweak the fit on also, and sometimes that is the most trying part. But overall, it looks good.

  3. This is a very cute tee! Lots of room for design details. Love that hemline, it is gorgeous on you!

  4. Very nice tee and you're enjoying it.

  5. Looks great! I like the fit on you!!