Wednesday, August 13, 2014

True Bias Hudson Pant: I Made Another Pair

Hello, second pair of Hudson Pants!  These are such a breeze to sew up, I was going to make another pair yet but didn't like what fabric I had in my stash this week.  My original pair kept me warm at night when I was camping... and I'm off to go camp again soon, so I whipped these up in one night after everyone went to bed.  From cutting the fabric to finishing, it took me about 3 hours.  It would take me longer to find a pair of comparable RTW pants like this if I went shopping.

I used materials only from past projects.  The gray ponte is a super soft two-way (width-wise) stretch fabric.  I think it's a poly?  I made the dumbest mistake using this fabric before: I made those super cool Papercut Ooh La Leggings with them... that is a no-no since those HAVE to have a 4-way stretch-- I can barely bend my legs in said Oh La Leggings. I never blogged about them but here are a pair of the Ohh La Leggings that I did right by.  To be honest, these Hudson Pants would be even better in a 4-way stretch but there is room for easy leg movement with only a 2-way stretch.

The killer animal print waistband is a ponte from my 2014 Jungle January turtleneck.  I love this fabric because it's soo stupid comfy and soft as can be.  The red cording and red nylon mesh pockets are from Marc Jacobs anorak knockoff-- that jacket kept my top half dry in the 6" (15.25 cm) of rain that showed up yesterday, you might be able to see in the pics some of my giant sunflowers uprooted and broken from the storm.

Like the last pair, I cut a 12 waist and graded to between a 16 and 18 hip, but took off the narrowest amount in the leg because the originals were a tad fuller.  I also only added 2" (5 cm) to the length this time.  I went nuts the first go round and made them 4" (10 cm) longer.

Pants.  Pants.  Pants.  Pants.  Pants.  Pants.  Pants.  Pants.  Pants.  Pants.  Pants.  Pants.  Pants.  Pants. Pants.  Pants.  Pants.  Pants.  Pants.  Pants.  Pants.  Pants.  Pants.  Pants.  Pants.  Pants.  Pants.  Pants.
Not much else to say.  They are pants. I like the wide elastic.  Several mosquitoes may have been slapped to death during the taking of these photos.


  1. Well, those are awesome pants! I don't blame you for making another pair. I love the animal print waistband. It brings some fierceness to the look.

  2. Awesome I love the animal print waistband!

  3. Wow snazzy pants! I've had that pattern on my list forevah!

  4. Snappy pants, lady! I love a contrast waistband. Oh, I miss sewing late at night. Now I have to share space with teenager2, now I have to be out OUT by 9pm latest!

  5. Your mix of fabrics is fabulous!