Sunday, July 20, 2014

My Image Fall/Winter 2014/2015 Review

I usually leave all the reviewing of new patterns and pattern magazines to other folks, but it's so rare to see any talk on sewing blogs about My Image.  I've made well over a dozen of their patterns and own every issue since their inaugural one back in 2010, plus a few of their envelope patterns.   Since I'd bore my family to absolute tears sharing the Fall/Winter 2014/15 issue I got in the mail this week, I thought I'd share my thoughts with you guys.

Here's a little info I know about My Image if you aren't familiar:

My Image is an independent pattern company in Holland who design and publish patterns in My Image Magazine two times per year. The patterns in this magazine are for women.  Sizing goes from 34-52 (4-22 U.S.) Not all the patterns are in all the sizes, but they are doing a nice job of overlapping plus and regular sizes the latest issue. The directions are in Dutch, German, French and English. Their websites are all available in these languages as well.   They have a couple handfuls of individual printed envelope patterns available under the name ImageWear (here you can see one of my ImageWear makes, and another one here).  The same group of folks also publish Young Image-- patterns for babies to teens-- and they also put out a new one called B-Inspired-- also patterns for babies to teens, both girls and boys as well. 

Now check out the technical drawings for the latest issue...

I have found their sizing to be comparable to Burda-- I am the same size with both companies, generally a 42 bust and 46 hip.  I like My Image because their designs are very wearable.  I don't think they are super trendy nor are they super edgy, say like La Mia Boutique can be (who I really like a lot, but often can't find a reason to sew then wear most of the designer and cotoure inspired stuff in my life since I'm not working in a professional environment these days.)

Let's see what I like in this issue, shall we?  M1458 has a super cute equestrian riding jacket vibe.  Sizing is from 36-46 (6-16 US)! I may not necessarily choose a floral splash of color like they suggest with the model.  I'd go for a more traditional look for high wearabilty this fall.  I can see doing it a classic tweed, adding some faux leather elbow patches and maybe some welt pockets in the waist seam, like the Smythe blazers below.  I'd wear this for years to come!

Inspiration for M1458: Smythe blazers

Let's check out these two patterns in the photo below.  I like how M1452, in sizes 36-46 (6-16 US), is a dropped waist knit dress but it's more form fitted and shaped in the waist... I initially thought it was a shift dress.  I can't really wear a drop waist say to the Flapper style extreme, but I can do this!

There are loads of different ways to sew M1452 up. The pocket flaps are actually one of my favorite things about the dress but I really like the idea of replacing them with exposed zippers like that red one by Joan Vass dress (below). 

Now check out M1457.  It's a sweet little dress with a Peter Pan collar... I personally am likely to skip the collar and add a little length to the hemline if I sew it.  It reminds me so much of the Libby Dress I saw in Boden's catalog.

Inspiration for M1457: The Boden Libby Dress

M1451 is a classic princess seamed dress.  The technical drawing makes it look shapeless, but the model doesn't look like she's wearing a boxy thing and the pattern pieces all look very shaped and feminine.  This pattern is total blank palette, I could see this in a million different fabrics and prints.

I fell for M1456 immediately...  but I wonder why?!  Oh... because it's so close to the pattern hack I did last year from a Salme pattern.  This was one of my most worn outfits last fall.    

Most of the patterns go up to size 46 (US 16) but this jacket and skirt below  (model on the right) are for sizes 42-52 (12-22).  I love that my size 42 is included in the plus patterns in this issue!!! 

Depending on what fabrics you choose, you can make this into a zippler-less, faux leather biker style jacket like this one below... or maybe you can belt it like the purple Oscar de la Renta one.  The jacket on the cover of the magazine is M1459, it has a zipper and collar.  I would put in the moto style category.  Hmmm... are moto jackets like these too passé? Are we over it?  I'm not sure how I feel this moment.

I'm not likely to make the pants here.  I just sewed up True Bias's Hudson Pant (not yet blogged yet-- but worn in the woods at night when I was camping!) and I feel like I don't need more modern sweatpants at the moment like M1460.  I've never worn button fly trousers like M1453 are, how does that work out?  I think I like the concept but do they pop open all the time?  

I will likely sew up several things in this issue.  What do you guys think?  I feel like I need to look past the bright, floral, busy fabrics to see what I really want.  If you want to look at a digital version of the magazine layout you can find it on their site here.  


  1. Thanks for the recap. I've never heard of My Image. Looks like a lot of wearable pieces. I love equestrian riding jacket but I would just look like a poser as there are a lot of horses and horse riders in my neighborhood.

  2. Thanks for the review. I agree about seeing past the florals. Sod themes the prints are just too much. That said, i like MyImage and I've even made some of their designs, as well as collecting the issues. Boring the family. That's so me too.

  3. love those drapey pants and all the jackets!

  4. These are pretty great! The designs are so wearable, I'm always looking for that. I still look over the issue I won here last year, thinking of what to make, and wishing that more of my thoughts turn into reality :)

  5. I like the rundown you did on this magazine. I have heard of it, and even browsed through previous collections, but never found anything I liked enough to purchase the magazine (and I was subscribed to Burda then). However, this issue looks really good! I will have to take a second look at My Image. Thanks for the the post!

  6. Dear Kathy. Please stop reviewing these patterns. They are just adorable and edgy. My wallet is steaming at the moment and your review of this mag is making want to buy this issue even more now.

    1. No problem! I'm still not sure which I'll sew up yet. I keep seeing things on your blog I want to buy (that Iconic jacket you talked about!) but my wallet isn't ready to spit more money out :)

  7. I have one of their issues from last year that I've been meaning to make so it's good to hear that they are similar to Burda in sizing. I wasn't really interested in this issue until I saw your inspiration photos - thanks for a really great review!

    1. I feel like I have to look past their styling and fabric choices to REALLY see what the patterns have to offer. Generally I'm not that into their prints or materials the models are wearing. I feel like this pattern company is a bit of a hidden treasure that most folks look past or haven't heard of yet. I was glad there was NONE of the droopy crotched pants look in the issue like I've seen in the past... I really will never ever be involved in droopy crotches pants :)

  8. I have a number of them and make a dress and there are more patterns witch I wil make.


  9. Thanks for sharing, Kathy! I've only heard of this magazine from you, but I didn't realize it came in such a range of sizes. I REALLY like that thing that is labelled dress but looks like a jacket in the plus size section. I'm tempted... but with only 2 plus size patterns in the whole issue, its probably not worth the purchase. I can't wait to see what you make!

  10. Thanks a lot!!

    Nice discount packages too:

    Just ordered the Summer package. Looking forward to it :D