Thursday, June 19, 2014

T-Shirts From 'Sewing For Boys'

I asked my three year old son if he wanted me to sew something up for him... and with a resounding YES! we went to my favorite pattern resource making clothes for little guys Sewing For Boys (this book is from the same folks who create Figgy's patterns.)  I told him to choose one pattern then to choose any fabrics in my stash.  I've used this pattern a handful of times in smaller sizes for him as well as a couple other of my favorite little boys (here and here, plus some others I never blogged about.)  There is nothing mind blowing or even challenging for me here after having sewn with a million knits already.  But if you are a beginner with knits, this is a wonderful garment to work with because there are some great lessons to learn with it while working on a very small scale and minimal pieces.

This go round we made a size 4/5, the pattern is the "Raw Edged Raglan".  I have found this pattern to run on the small side.  He wears a 4T, but still wears some 3Ts from the fall that are a little short (he's taller then average and slightly on the thinner side then average.)  The neck is quite snug over his head- as it has been over the other boys' heads that I sewed this shirt up for.  I forgot to add a little length to my neck binding so it's a little rippled from too much tension... and the blue one I sorta cut a tiny hole in the neck, but my son didn't care and is wearing it anyhow. Mental note, use only REALLY stretchy ribbed fabric for the neck binding AND add a touch of length to it!  And really, even open the neck up a little by cutting it a tad larger.

The blue striped fabric is a rayon spandex jersey.  The edges are all un-hemmed.  Technically the pattern wants you to show the raw edges of the seaming but I left them inside.  The sewing time: 20 minutes.  It is a real instant gratification project.  I sewed this only with my regular sewing machine... yep, I didn't even touch my serger, mostly because it's much quieter when it runs and I sewed one up while he watched a Cat In The Hat video.

My son didn't want to try on the white and red one... he decided he would tomorrow.  It's made with 100% cotton jersey.  So here I am in my pajamas showing it off to you guys.  And both those unmatched jammies are handmade and I never blogged about them either.  The pants are my most worn handmade garment EVERRRRRR! I've been wearing them like 2/3 of the year for the past three years and they may have ripped last month and I'm still wearing them. For reference the patterns for the pajamas are Simplicity 2328 for the pants and Favorite Things V033 (I LOVE that pajama set from Favorite Things and will make more and blog about them soon enough.)

On the picture above to the left, you can see the outside of the t-shirt, it's all done with a *slight* zig zag stitch (1.0 width and 3.0 length.)  This minor zig zag provides loads of stretch but looks like a straight stitch.  And you can really see how the neck is a little rumply from a too-short binding, but seriously I don't care on this sort of thing, it's a t-shirt for a pre-schooler to play in and get dirty.  Now, the photo on the right (above) is the inside of the t-shirt.

Tiny t-shirt!!!!!


  1. Love that you sewed for your son! It's absolutely wonderful to get boys involved in sewing, even if it's just as consumers of custom clothing. :) Both of his shirts are adorable, especially the blue one.

    1. Thanks! He loves that I sew... I know he wants me to make him more things. Sometimes he'll sit no my lap while I'm at the machine and he wants to know how it all works. It's pretty sweet!

  2. Nice! I love the red and white shirt you made for your son.