Tuesday, June 24, 2014

McCall's 6744: Racerback Summer Dress

I love sewing functional, useful clothes.  I rarely sew anything that isn't for normal, everyday wear.  I should really re-name my blog The Functional Seamstress or Useful Apparel Sewing or something rather puritan sounding like that.  Kathy Sews is rather mundane but it gets the point across: I am Kathy and I sew.  Anyhow, I sewed this dress yesterday.  I'm gonna wear it all summer long.

This is McCall's 6744, a short version of View B, a basic dress that I've made before.  I've made View C twice last year as well here and here.  With such simple design lines here, I gotta have some loud fabric.   I made a medium (size 12-14) and graded to about almost a 16 at the hip.  I used Pellon Easy Knit Tape to stabilize the hem before sewing it up.  I used it on the last version I made of this dress and the hem line is still perfect after maybe 47,038 washes.

There's not loads new to say about this since my last go at this summer dress.  The material here is an almost-whisper-thin 100% cotton jersey I got on sale last year from your favorite knit shop online, Girl Charlee.  I added bindings on this dress rather then folding over the edges to finish them.  I used a ribbed rayon spandex from the same shop.  If your curious how I make and sew up my bindings I defer you to one of my previous posts with details on my method.  

I've been wearing last year's McCall's 6744 dresses constantly, this has immediately gone into the rotation starting today.  It's like wearing a long tank top, I just put some biker style shorts underneath for you know... thigh friction, chub rub, whatever you call it.  Shut your face, you know what I mean.  Don't worry, I will address that issue at a later date when I sew up several new pairs of biker style shorts for such needs we thick-thighed girls have.

I'm a little annoyed how my print is not *exactly* lined up on the side.  I swore to the sewing gods that I had it just right, but whatevs.  When I tried on just the bodice when I was half way done with the dress, checking for fit, I just then realized how this print and color SCREAMS 1990's, all I needed was some jams to match the cropped top.  I am generally not an advocate of 1990's styles but I'm totally okay with this.

And check out my garden, it's on fire!!!!  I've harvested all sorts of broccoli, herbs and now a giant cucumber to be eaten for lunch today.  I may have a stupid amount of cucumbers in the next couple weeks, who needs cucumbers?


  1. Me! Me! I love cucumbers!! :)

    Very cute dress. You're going to make me try again. My go at this view of the pattern went so wrong that I threw it in a basket, never to be seen again. I love yours though!!!

  2. This is such a great practical dress! Perfect for summer :) looks great!

    1. Thanks!! Now there's another name for my blog "The Practical Seamstress" :)

  3. LOVE IT!!!!!!! Oh my goodness, I love this dress. It's perfect! Enjoy your abundant garden. :)

  4. I love the print and I LOVE the 90's...cucumbers they alright.
    I've never noticed this pattern before and I'm really liking both versions.

  5. Your garden is amazing! I love it. Such a satisfying endeavor. Fun & functional are key elements in my sewing too. For if it's not a regularly worn item, then I feel like I wasted time. Might have learned, but I too want it to have long term, frequent value in my wearables. I have that same blue rayon ribbed jersey. I never thought of using it as a binding. It looks fab with your dress though. And who cares if it screams 90's. If you love it, that's all that matters. OH, if you are interested in trying a different "chub rub" bike short, check out Jan Bones shortie legging. She designed it to keep her thighs from being "friends". I wrote about them at the bottom of the post here: http://www.calmundertension.com/blog/me-made-may-week-5-color. What pattern is your go-to bike short pattern?

  6. that dress is just FUN. i've been seeing a lot of mccalls lately that i have to have...

  7. I am so jealous and angry about your garden! I just got my basil planted last week. This winter destroyed my rosemary and a few other herbs. I've been composting for near a year now and we have not a single garden bed in sight. We are talking about sharing chickens with some neighbors though. Also, " or something rather puritan sounding" is the best line I've read this week.

  8. Great dress! And sign me up for the cucumber giveaway. ;-)