Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spring Race Challenge: I'm In It

So, my sewing and running/biking/swimming/etc compatriots... did you see Melissa has this great little Spring Race Challenge started up?  (It's a Fall Challenge for all you folks on the opposite hemisphere.)  It's a nifty motivator, yes?

What you need to do:
1) Sign up for a race!  I'm looking here at this comprehensive race list for the Baltimore region.  It can be whatever sport you like-- running, biking, walking, swimming, karate, ballet, competitive jumping jacks.  And you don't have to be in it to win the whole thang (believe me, I'm not!)

2) Wear some handmade activewear while doing said activity! Then get a photo while racing or after finishing and share it with Melissa.   Maybe I'll wear this... or something else juicy I may have not yet blogged about.  But I'm sure it will be loud and fun, whatever I sport. Or something I've yet to make.  July 1 is the deadline.  Go check out Fehr Trade for all the details.  Looks like there is even a secret prize!

Last weekend I was in A Fabric Place (it's Michaels Fabrics for those of you who order from them online, same place) up the road from me here in Baltimore.  I discovered they now sell a bunch of activewear spandex/nylon fabrics?!  One would think they *MIGHT* have Under Armour fabrics (they are based here in Bmore, another local fabric seller was able to stock it but is outta business now), but I inquired and they are not able to get them. Ugh.  But I saw some excellent options otherwise!  

I confess publicly that I ran basically twice a month over the winter due to the extra nasty weather in my neck of the woods.  But I officially am back in the saddle as of  March 1.  I've already knocked over 4 mins off my basic 5k as compared to the 1st of the month.. I'm no speed demon but it's pretty cool to see progress.  Now which 5k... or possibly 10k, will I choose to race in?


  1. I'm excited to do this too, Kathy! I didn't realize Under Armor was in your neck of the woods. Wouldn't that be exciting to pick up some of their fabrics?! I love their fluorescent pinks and other colors. Now to think about & research what race I can do since I'm not really a runner....

  2. Yaaaah! You can do anything you like, really. I just signed up for a 6k in April! Now I will not be really "racing" against anyone else... I'm not competitive in any way. It'll be just for me, and it will be fun to run a big crowd since I always run alone.