Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My Very Best of 2013

I've tallied 88 finished and blogged items that I sewed in 2013.  Some things didn't make it on the blog for one reason or another (perhaps they were muslins, were really poor fits, I never got around to blogging about them or they just sucked and were not worthy of recording them on the internet for posterity.)  So I'll estimate around 100 items were sewn.  Click on any of the images, it will take you to my blog post about it.

Favorite Pattern of 2013
I declared it "My favorite pattern" in January and it's still true one year later.  An interesting coincidence, I started 2013 with Vogue 8663 and am starting 2014 with the EXACT same pattern! I made it three times for myself last year and this week I'm sewing up one in a gorgeous shade of red for a very good, lifelong friend.  The floral one I made for my birthday in July and the white one was for family Christmas photos.  I'll likely use this pattern again, it's basic, it's simple and a blank palette for so many interesting prints.  I picked up Vogue 8944 a couple weeks ago because it's basically the same dress but has some piecing that will use smaller bits of fabric I have.

Favorite Pattern Company of 2013
Hands down it is My Image (aka ImageWear, for their envelope patterns).  My first go with one of their patterns was a labor of love, it was the red and denim dress below... I got so frustrated with the directions but the results were really awesome.  Time and again I was blown away with the perfectly drafted patterns.  The designs are wearable and functional.  (Plus the pricing on their magazines and envelope patterns are so economical, I would have pad double for their stuff.) I've worn the heck out of so many of these garments! Those denim pleated trousers look extra good now after much wearing, washing and aging.  Check out all of my My Image and Image Wear garments here.

Favorite Sewing Category of 2013
This is pretty obvious if you're a regular reader: ACTIVEWEAR!  I've been doing yoga on and off for about 15 years, have enjoyed biking & hiking some plus I camp every summer... but in the past couple years I've picked up running.  I run a minimum of 5K usually and will do more when the weather (or my body) permits.  I run for various reasons but a major one is that it has helped me maintain a recent and significant weight loss.  Every running garment I wear has to be spot on in fit and comfort or I will NOT wear it...  I do not ever want to fool with fixing or tugging on my clothes when I'm running (I'm in love with Fehr Trade's XYT Top!).  RTW activewear clothes can often be ill fitting so this was such a really nice discovery for me in 2013.  I even wore bathing suits in public for the first time since I was a child... the Bombshell Swimsuit Pattern is awesome!

Favorite Sewing Experience of 2013
I had a tremendously rewarding time with the first Fabricista Fashion Sewing Challenge sponsored by Fabric Mart.  It was a major challenge pushing through and getting so much sewn from week to week.  I proved to myself that I can sew basically anything I want if I'm in the mood to.  I got to flex a few of my sewing muscles I often don't use, too... like drafting, hand sewing and using unexpected fabrics.  I loved getting a new assignment each week, many of which ended up allowing me to make things I'd never would have made otherwise.  And I won Third Place! Sweet!  

Favorite & Most Worn Garment of 2013
I made McCall's 6744 three times (here, here and here.)  I'd say it was my #1 Summer Sewing Pattern of 2013.  I wore this blue and white polka dot dress so much that the fabric is fading... and I'll keep wearing it this summer,  I'll probably make this dress again, too!  I'm a stay at home mom and this sort of garment just works for me.

Second Most Worn Garment(s) of 2013
All those bras and undies I sewed up... and that nitey.  Some fit better then others.  But they were all pretty cute!

Sewing Projects I Look Forward To in 2014
Sewing pants that really, really fit me.  I'm ready to move forward with this class of Craftsy with Sandra Betzina!   


  1. Happy New Year. I love seeing all the things you make. You have totally inspired me. I am going to make the bombshell swimsuit and I have just treated myself to some MyImage magazines. I wonder how long they will take to get to NZ from the Netherlands?

  2. Thank you!! Yeah, the swimsuit was pretty cool, I made it twice. Stuff from the Netherlands has taken about a week to a week and a half to get to me in the U.S. I'd think it would be similar for you. I've even ordered patterns from NZ and have gotten those in about a week to 1.5 weeks, too.

  3. My goodness, you've had a great and busy year! I love seeing your activewear sewing, everything looks so good and you make it seem attainable :) Best wishes in the new year!

  4. Wow, Kathy! What a productive year! You have provided me with so much inspiration, especially in the active wear department. Now, if only I could be inspired by your dedication to blogging! I really need to get back at it.

  5. Thanks, Megan!! You need to start posting your goodies again... your blog is one in particular I always look forward to reading :)

  6. Thank you so much Kelly! I'm slowing down these days with sewing because my son does NOT nap anymore so that means less time to sew :)

  7. Hi Kathy - I'm looking forward to your pants this year too! You're one of the few sewing bloggers who is built like me from the waist down, so I'll follow your fitting & alteration posts with great interest!.