Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My Image Sweater-- Brought To You By the Deep Freeze Today

I made an this sweater over the weekend specifically for the nasty deep freeze many of us Americans and Canadians are experiencing right now.  It's dirty cold in Baltimore... it was under 0F/-18C on my back porch when I went to bed last night with wind chills below -20F/-29C.  It's a balmy  18F/8C right now, break out the bathing suit.  It's warmer in Alaska right now. Ugh. 

Enough with the weather forecast. Now onto my super sweet and comfy sweater!  It's the second time I've made up M1357 from the Autumn/Winter 2013/2014 edition of My Image magazine (you can see V.1 here.)  It's not a complicated specimen of a top.  I used my serger exclusively for the seams, no topstitching needed.  It's roomy and I'm layering it over another shirt.  There's not loads new to say about the sweater this go round.  I cut a 42 and graded the lower band to a 44.  And I made sure to have a dangling thread on my left arm.

I picked up this indigo textured sweater knit from Fabric Mart's brick and mortar shop in Pennsylvania this fall.  I forget the fiber content... it feels like a heavy cotton with maybe a smidge of nylon or polyester blended in.  It's bumpy and nubby... it's almost a bouclĂ©... but it's not one... whatever it is, it's warm!!!

The cowl neck is pretty hefty, but not quite a hood... it gets maybe half way there.  I wonder if I'd like this pattern if I extended the height of the cowl to hood size.  It would be massive.  I'd probably suffocate when it's just lying around my neck.

And those pants are also a My Image pattern (they are M1253 of Autumn/Winter 2012/13.)  You can see three versions I've sewn herehere and here on my blog.  I've worn these a lot and they look better with age.  I love the fading on the pleats, they show up so much better with an aged look.  Plus they are a tiny bit too big so I can wear another pair of leggings on underneath for added warmth.

Stay warm, people!  


  1. You finished just in time. It looks so warm and comfortable.

  2. That sure does look warm and comfy, Kathy! I would honestly trade you the weather as its an unseasonably warm and dry winter here in CA and I miss cold weather. Yes, even below zero temps!