Thursday, January 30, 2014

How To Lengthen The Draped Shirt--- Burda 2/2014 #135

I've had a few folks inquire about how they should lengthen the Burda Draped Shirt #135 from the 2/2014 issue.  The shirt is quite short in back, and at 5'8" (1.73m)  I can only wear it with a high waisted skirt.  It's surprisingly easier then you may think to add length.  I put together these directions for another seamstress on PatternReview... she sewed it up and had great results!!  Making my own longer version is on my list of things to sew... but alas, I'm working on a trench coat right now (more details and photos to come soon!) 

Check out my original blog post about my Draped Top here.  I even have a nice little tutorial on how to sew up that drape in front... it's freakishly easy. 

Now go make a shirt.

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  1. Oo, can't wait to hear about your trench coat! It's a thing that is very high on my list of wants for 2014.