Thursday, January 9, 2014

Fehr Trade PB Jam Leggings

Oh my, these are fun!  And functional!  I've been wearing the same couple of leggings for running for the past weeks for these colder days (I haven't run in a couple weeks because of the weather and the sun going down so dang early!) and this pair of leggings is very welcome in my wardrobe.  I was ever so lucky to be able to test Melissa's new activewear patterns for both the PB Jam Leggings and my previously posted XYT Workout Tops I sewed up.

These are such a smart pair of tights, let me tell you!  First off, look at those really awesome design lines on the legs and the patches on the back of the leg.  Second off, you need only 1 meter (slightly over a yard-- 1.1 yards to be excact) of fabric along with some tiny bits for the contrast. Third off, there is a hidden pocket above the butt, right below the waistline for your keys/MP3/gels/etc.  Fourth off, they come in a healthy size range that fits hips up to 48"/122cm.  Fifth, the directions are impeccable.  Melissa spells it all out for you as you go along.  Sixth, the illustrations are AMAZING!  I am a visually oriented sort of girl and want these sort of directions in all my patterns.

I used a medium/heavyweight red nylon/spandex (from a warehouse sale) and some nylon/spandex print fabric from a remnant I got from Fabric Fairy.  I cut a size medium in the waist and a large for the rest of the the pattern-- I followed the sizing chart guidelines exactly for my measurements.

I did make a muslin when this pattern was in its test stage and felt I needed a little more back thigh/lower butt room.  I added about 1"/2.5cm to the rear crotch depth.  You can see in my little graphic how I did that... the red line indicates where I added onto my back pattern piece.  I am very pleasantly surprised at how high the rise is on these leggings as well.  The waistline sits at my true waist, is snug and there shall be no chance of them slowly riding lower and lower as I slowly run around the streets.

I removed about 2"/5cm from the hem.  I had a little bagginess around the knee to ankle area so I went back in and just serged off about another 1/2"/1.25cm total from each leg, starting from the mid-thigh. These are two very, very easy changes I made only after sewing the leggings up.  And don't be scared of sewing on those curvy bits... Melissa has perfectly drafted marks where you line your pattern pieces up-- seriously, they are dead on.

I thought I'd show you what they look from the inside out.  I used black thread on my serger for contrasting sake.  The first image is right side out.

Right side out
Inside out

And I really am head over heals for the hidden pocket in back!  Check out what it looks like from the inside out of my leggings.  I actually only had 1"/2.5cm wide elastic, I trimmed off .25"/.65cm of it off as I attached it to my waist... the serger just cut it for me.

Inside out view of the hidden pocket
Inside out view of the side
I am really, really happy with these leggings.  I plan to make more and more and more of them... or until I need to make shorts for summer again... but these could be some killer shorts, too, right?!

P.S. That pink shirt is new, too.  I'm working on more versions now and will post about all of them soon.  The pattern in Burda 6990, View C.


  1. Cool! Awesome leggings and helpful review, thanks. I love your insert fabric too. There are so many possible looks with these. They're on my list.

  2. I love these leggings! A fun happy pair might help with my running motivation.

  3. Thanks! Sewing my own running stuff is actually a big motivator for me, too. I want to go out and try my new garments every single time I sew a new something up.

  4. Woo hoo! Thanks you! I know you'll be happy when you sew these tights up :)

  5. I love the two tone rain coat and the tights are great too. Nice work.