Thursday, January 16, 2014

Burda #135 2/2014 Draped Shirt

Earlier this week I got the February 2014 issue of Burda  and spotted a few interesting possibilities among their offerings this month.  I had to give top #135 a whirl.  This shirt is a milder version of one of the many garments you can find in all of those Japanese draping books-- most of which are sized for petite bodies or aren't ideal for my figure or lifestyle.  Here we have a 3/4 length raglan sleeved top with a fun 'bag' or misplaced cowl-like drape on the front.  

The drape is a lot of fun.  I used a beige rayon knit with about 80% stretch.  It drapes nicely and wrinkles beautifully when folded, of course.  It's lightweight and will not be worn til spring for sure.   

I cut my normal Burda size 42.  I always have to grade out to about a 46 at the hip... this pattern is sized to 44 so I had to figure out where to add a bit.  I made a little chart below showing how the drape is created... so easy!  Also, you can see in #1 where I graded out at the hip along the sides: see the red lines.  (Note- I cut my fabric the opposite direction of the pattern so it's just mirrored.)

1/30/14-- UPDATE: Need to add length to the bodice, too?? See a tutorial here on how to lengthen this pattern.

I found this top to be very short, but it still works for me.  I could just tuck it in if I wanted in back.  I didn't hem the bottom because I can't spare any of the fabric to fold up and sew.

 Here you can see the drape.  It's sort of a triangular shape.  You can wear it more like the model in the magazine's photo (above) where you can see that sharp angle.  It just laid better as a soft drape on me with this sort of material.

I didn't follow the recommendations to use the elastic tape on the neckline or the technique they describe to finish the neck and sleeve hems.  I cut 2 1/4" (5.7cm) wide strips and about 10% shorter in length then the openings, folded them in half and serged them on.  It provides a clean, simple finish.

Here are the side views.  I like how the back piece wraps around a little bit on my right side.  The 3/4 length sleeves are really nice with this fuller look in front, too.  And there's a secret to figuring out the difference in the two views... there is NO difference in the pattern for View A or B.  Burda simply styles the drape differently for View A as compared to View B-- one view the fold is flowy like how I am wearing it, and the other view is pulling out the drape and laying it like that model in Burda magazine photo I have above.

Overall, a fun little top for spring.  So this is hanging in the closet until then.  It's only January... ugh.


  1. I was just stalking the February issue and thought, "how impractical is THAT?!" Then I saw it made up and was pleasantly surprised! Love yours too. It's nice and flow but not completely unstructured. And you gotta love a raglan!!!

  2. That looks great! I wasn't too sure about this pattern in the magazine but your version is making me reconsider it.

  3. Thanks!!! In the past I would have totally blown past this pattern, but I've been a bit jealous of girls who an pull of the Drape Drape stuff... this is a small step toward that genre without getting too nuts.

  4. Thank you so much :) I really like this top... I was totally unsure until I had it all done. I think other folks should try it especially since it's so simple.

  5. Thanks, Gail!! I just see it as an asymmetrical cowl... and I often sport cowls... so it's not that big of a leap really. They ship the Burdas to us Americans from NJ and I'm hardly a few hours from there so it ships super quick to me it seems.

  6. Really cute top! Very interesting pattern. Your instructions were very helpful!

  7. I pinned this top two years ago from Nordstrom's or Neiman Marcus - can't remember and now I can't find it. I remember at the time I wondered if I liked that excess or not, but after seeing it in this issue of BurdaStyle I'm also planning on sewing this. It's cute on you. And wow, are you ever fast!

  8. I didn't give this a second glance on BurdaStyle, but I really like your version. I truly think it looks better on you than on the model. It's very cute on you.

  9. It might be weird to say, but your version has really stuck in my head! I don't usually like pattern magic stuff at all but there's something perfect about this t-shirt, I think I might just trace it out!

  10. Just go bust a move and sew this thing. It's really easy and fast... so if you are disgusted with it once it's done you can secretly toss and forget about it. Or maybe it will be killer and you will be a sassy girl with a weird drape shirt :)