Thursday, December 12, 2013

Brand New (really amazing) Activewear Patterns Alert!

I've been sewing quite a bit lately.  But of course it's mostly all Christmas gift sewing so I haven't posted them since I'd like them to be surprises to the recipients!  I'll share when the timing is right.

But until then I HAD to share this exciting announcement about some new activewear sewing patterns from an independent designer.  If you are a regular reader of my blog you've seen me post a number of running garments I've sewn up.  I am coming to realize what works, what doesn't and how many crazy prints and colors one needs to wear while running (or doing yoga, kayaking, hiking, etc.)  They have to be completely functional.  I want a good fit, garments that I do NOT have to think about while I am running-- absolutely NO shifting, bouncing, riding up, etc.

Fellow seamstress and superstar runner (she is the superstar runner... not quite me!)  Melissa of Fehr Trade is releasing two really impressive activewear sewing patterns at the end of December.  Just in time for New Years resolutions!  Plus this is combining my sewing obsession with my need for more running gear.

The first of the two patterns is the XYT Workout Top  Hello-- a REAL built in compression bra!
Fehr Trade XYT Workout Top Technical Drawing

And the second pattern are the PB Jam Leggings.  Time to break out more crazy, fun fabric, people!  
Fehr Trade PB Jam Leggings Technical Drawing

Go over to Fehr Trade for more details and info on Melissa's two new patterns.  And yes, I will be posting photos and sharing all of my versions of these patterns in due time.  (Oh, and here is a really solid list of places to buy activewear/excersice/technical fabric-- did you see Fabric Mart is having a sale on all of their activewear stuff now, too.)


  1. Oh, I NEED that top pattern! I can't wait until it's released!

  2. Both of these look super useful and totally cute!