Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Pantone Fall Color Report Challenge: It's the Final Round For The Fabricista Fashion Challenge!

We are down to the FINAL THREE in the Fabricista Fashion Challenge sponsored by Fabric Mart.  I cannot believe I am still in it.  Last time we lost Audrey of Sew Tawdry.  Her work was amazing from week to week and her blog is overflowing with even more of her gorgeous and well crafted garments.  Another lady who could out-sew me any day of the week, I'm sure of it.

I've been sewing up a storm these past days and finally finished it all yesterday.  I thought I'd give a sneak peak at what I have!  I'll post my final project on Tuesday, Nov 19.  

This week's challenge was pretty wide open but with Pantone's Fall Color Report as the inspiration for our palette.  How do the folks at Pantone determine what to choose each season?  They have super top secret meetings twice a year to decide, a reporter from was invited to the Summer 2013 one.

Challenge: Create 3 pieces that can be worn together as one outfit or 2 outfits that could be worn to the same event. Using the Pantone Fall Color Report, select two colors to inspire your outfit.  You will be judged on creativity, craftsmanship, use of color, and fit. 

I started with Emerald-- the Pantone Color of the Year-- and then matched it up with Mykonos Blue.  I also was inspired by Carafe as an interesting addition to my palette.  Yep, it's a pretty colorful combination.  Come back in a couple days and see what I did!  I'm so excited to see what the other ladies got together, too!


  1. You must be exhausted! Congratulations on making it this far, I'm excited to see what you've come up with for this one!

  2. Thanks, Kelly! Yeah, I am tired... but I am such a compulsive seamstress that I was already thinking about what to sew next even before finishing this last round.

  3. Good luck Kathy. I am rooting for you all the way. This is my colour group so I can't wait to see what you come up with. I SOOOOOOOO hope you win!!!

  4. Thank you soooo much, Jo!!! I had fun making the stuff and am actually wearing one of the things this very second :)