Thursday, November 21, 2013

Kathy Takes The Bronze In The Fabricista Fashion Challenge!

The results are in... time for the crowns and sashes to be distributed!  Who won the winning title for the Fabricista Fashion Challenge?! That would be the talented Shannon of Shanni Loves.  Congratulations, lady!! And the silver medal goes to the amazing Diane of Gator Bunny Sews.  Excellent work, chica!! And I take third place!  How exciting is that?!

Thank you to every single vote you all cast for me!  You guys are the best... you all helped me to the top!  The support, the positive comments, the overall good spirits you all sent to me during the past weeks made me so happy to be a part of the challenge.

Thank you so much to Kaitlin at Fabric Mart... she is the lovely lady who ran the entire competition.  She put up with all of the contestants questions, got all of our photos and blurbs together and did a load of other behind the scenes work to make this entire challenge happen.  And she also happens to be a highly talented seamstress and designer herself.  Thank you to the whole staff at Fabric Mart for helping to make this first Fabricista Fashion Challenge that helped to further feed my sewing obsession.  I was able to make my very first trip to Fabric Mart the week after I won the first challenge (it was a coincidence in timing... I had planned a trip to their shop in Pennsylvania for sometime before knowing I was going to be a contestant.)  It was pretty cool to meet so many of the staff and see how the store is run.  If you ever go... I do recommend to pre-feed yourself, you will be there for a while. There is even a helpful post on their blog for visitors.

I thought I would put together a gallery of all the work I produced over the eight challenges.  You can click on the images to take you to the original blog post where I review the patterns I used, have loads of photos and share my process for each garment.  I also wanted to reflect on some of my favorite and not so favorite things of the challenge.

Week 1: The Recycled Challenge
Week 2: The Salme Pattern Re-Make
Week 3: The Fabric Bundle Challenge

Week 4: The LBD

Week 5: Vintage Patterns
Week 6: Fabric Mart's Fabric Choice
Week 7: Mixing Prints
Week 8: The Pantone Challenge

My goal was to just make it pat Week 1!

Which week was my favorite to sew?  Shockingly enough 1970s inspired dress from Week 6, the one with the wacky chiffon all of us contestants (including myself) may have not really cared for.  It came together much easier then I expected and I ended up loving this dress and its odd color palette and print.

What garment has gotten the most use?  That would be the knit dress from Week 2, the Salme Pattern Challenge.  But I've been living in the ponte blazer since I made it for this week's Pantone Challenge.  If you see me around town, you'll likely see me in any of the knit things because they are easy to wear and wash.

Which garment was the most difficult to sew?  The skirt and blazer for the Pantone Challenge.  They are deceptively simple looking but I was ready to throw them both in the bin during the sewing process.  I had ZERO directions to work with for the skirt that had a pile of weird and confusing pieces (the directions were in Portuguese, a language I don't read.)  The directions for the blazer were awful and I had to go it on my own about 90% of the way... the technical drawing was inaccurate and the pattern layout was wrong.

What garment will likely get the LEAST wear?  The LBD.  I am sure of it.  I'm a stay at home crafty mom who doesn't have too many formal affairs on her calendar.

Which one is my favorite of the bunch?  From a functional standpoint-- the ponte knit blazer from the last challenge.  I need even more of these in my life.  From a purely aesthetic standpoint-- the reverse side of my LBD.  It's so sassy!  I love the bold print and the fit is spot on.

Which is my least favorite of the bunch?  The outfit from Week 3, the Bundle Challenge.  But why?! I don't like the actual feel of the fabric of the skirt, it has a weird, dry hand to it.  The quality of the fabric isn't that great-- the threads in the material started to break and fray in the pre-wash.  And I got so annoyed with the jacket fabric after pre-washing, too.  The background was a crisp, bright white-- the colors ran and it turned a dingy gray.  But as far as quality of sewing, it was one of my best with soooo much hand sewing and attention to quality details.

What was my favorite thing about the whole challenge?  Hands down seeing every single seamstress's work from week to week.  I was so impressed by every single thing they made.  Thank you for all your weekly inspiration Audrey, Meghan, Nicole, Peg, Shannon, Shams, Tanya, Tina and Diane.  Congrats to us all!!


  1. Great job Kathy! All three of you did great in the final challenge. You should be proud!

  2. Let us all take a sigh of relief now that we have our weekends back! :)> My favorite of yours was that LBD, so creative to make it reversible! And I loved the green skirt from the final challenge as well. Great job! Have fun shopping. I wish I could make a trip to the actual store!!

  3. Congratulations! You made so many pretty things! And I'm still holding out hope that you'll wear that gorgeous LBD on a fancy date!

  4. Big congratulations Kathy. I have enjoyed following you in this competition and your sewing is very impressive.

  5. This has been one of my favorite contests to watch unfold. Congrats to you and all the participants for such dedication and creativity.

  6. Congrats, Kathy! I loved seeing all of your work and am happy that I've met you! You have been everyone's cheerleader throughout this competition. :)

  7. Thank you so much! I am so excited to be third!

  8. Breaaaaaaaaathe!!! Aaaaaaaaahhhh! Thanks and congrats to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Thank you so much Gail. I HOPE one day I will have a real reason to wear it. My best bet is maybe an evening wedding or something like that.

  10. Thanks so much Jean!! I had fun participating. I sort of wondered if people were just sick of seeing all of our sewing competition stuff every week :)

  11. Thanks Jane :) It was so cool to be in it!

  12. Thanks Tanya! I was a little annoyed that you went home first round... but who the heck knows how we all made it to the weeks we did? I know you would have blown us all out if the water with the vintage challenge. I'm glad o have found you and your blog through the competition :)

  13. Wow ! Congrats. you have created a lovely wardrobe :) My favourite pic is the Salme pattern remake :) - Diya TheHobbyHarbor

  14. You did such a fabulous job!! Congratulations!