Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Fabricista Fashion Challenge: A Week 1 Preview

It's been a few days since the announcement of my first challenge in the Fabricista Fashion Challenge.  Let's review it if you hadn't been able to check out the announcement!

Week 1-- The Recycled Challenge: Make a garment out of recycled materials or materials that would have otherwise been thrown away, such as scraps from your sewing room or grocery bags. You can reconstruct a garment to make it more fashion forward and utilize unconventional items to add accessories and embellishments. 

I rummaged through a giant bag of scraps I was about to toss out or give away just last week before I learned I was going to be in the competition, plus I looked through my pile of 'to give away' clothes.  I found the perfect thing!  It's been sitting in my closet absolutely unworn for over 6 years.  I was a much larger size those years back, so that just meant I have more fabric to work with!  I've been muslin-ing, cutting, dyeing, ironing, washing, ironing even more, hand stitching and finally some machine sewing today.  I'm part way through with the actual construction of my garment!

I picked up some dye because I wanted a different color for my final garment.  The package said red but the color swirls on the package looked more I said 'what the heck, I'll take it!'  The color results were a bit surprising as I've never dyed anything before (well... not counting tie dyeing t-shirts at camp.)  The dye job was nicely even throughout the fabric except in a few tiny areas, this was great because I needed almost every last bit to work with. 

I'm really excited to see what the other ladies in the competition are making!!  Stay tuned for my final garment...


  1. I'm curious to see what you are up to...

  2. I'm "dying" with curiosity! (Sorry, couldn't resist! But I really am - refashioning is something that truly baffles me!)

  3. A wonderful rename, Kathy! What a great way to convert your wedding dress to a dress you can wear everyday, but still keep close to your heart.