Sunday, September 8, 2013

Red Lola: My First Try With Victory Patterns

I've finally sewn up Lola from Victory Patterns.   She's been on my radar since the day it was released but I was nervous that it wouldn't be flattering on my figure.  Let me tell you, it's stinkin' comfortable and I think it works really nicely on me.  There are all sorts of things to like about this pattern.  First off, it's drafted ever so perfectly.  There are numerous notches along the pattern pieces to help folks with easing each piece together as you sew.  The directions are solid, too.  They are detailed and give loads of information most patterns for knits do not share.  One major issue I have is the fabric recommendation: it explains you need material with "a slight stretch"-- this can mean a myriad of things... 5% stretch??  30%?? -- I really think patterns need to be specific of what percentage of stretch is required, not just a vague hint.  Stretch can affect your garment dramatically.  So does recovery-- essentially meaning 'does my garment stretch out during wear and become baggy?  Or does it pop back into place without getting all stretched out by noon?'  I happen to choose a material with poor recovery (I purchased it thinking there was spandex in it, there's not!!)  I used a medium weight, very soft cotton/poly blend knit.  One little thing I'm surprised with is that the directions only talk about using a serger (with exception to attaching that neck triangle with a regular machine.)  I have a serger and used it, this pattern is ideal for it.  But if you do not have a serger you can easily sew this all up with a regular sewing machine's zig zag stitch.  With such in depth instructions I was just surprised is all.

For my Lola, I cut a 10 on top, graded to a 12 at the waist and then a 14 1/2 for the bum. I should have stuck with a 10 at the waist and a true 14 for the bum as I had to take it in.   

Those pockets are pretty huge.  You can fit a mass quantity of things in there.  They buckle out a bit more then I like, if I were to sew this again (highly likely) I would reduce the width of the pocket fabric by about an inch (2.5 cm) to keep them closer to the body.

I had to make a swayback adjustment, there still is a significant space between the waist fabric and my actual waist, but it lays nicely for a casual knit sweatshirt dress.  For my adjustment I came in about a 1/2" (1.25 cm) on each vertical seam on the back, starting below the shoulder blades and ending at the top of the pockets.  I then took in the back waist seam about 3/4" (1.9 cm), starting and ending either side.  This all happened after completely sewing the dress, however I'll make adjustments to my pattern pieces for the future.

I love the princess seaming.  It makes a super casual, everyday piece like this a little more special.  Also, it made it easier to do my alterations.  I admit I didn't do the best job on that triangle bit on the neckline, don't zoom in on that, thanks.

This pockets! They pull down so much causing lots of wrinkling!  I think that my be a style preference... less draping on the pockets for me.  But seriously, people, this dress is so comfy and easy to move around in.  Look at me casually and easily scratch at my ankle with great ease while wearing my new Lola.


  1. This is great! It looks really comfortable, which is exactly what you need from a good day dress :) I love the colour too. Thanks for the heads up re the fabric choice, I'll bear it in mind should I get round to making this pattern.
    Freya May

  2. I love this Kathy! The colour is so pretty and the pocket sagging looks totally inentional I had an eye on this pattern too for some time, might have to give it a go now I've seen your beautiful version!

  3. I've been dying to make Lola! I love your version, the red tone suits you perfectly. x

  4. I love this on you! Great style and great color! For some crazy reason, this is one of the few Victory Patterns I haven't bought yet - and it's the most practical for my lifestyle! I'm really hoping to remedy that this winter and make up at least one of these in a cozy sweatshirt knit.

  5. When I first saw this pattern I was a little tempted, but wondered what it would really look like sewn up. Now I have to look at it again! This looks like such a comfortable casual weekend dress! So much nicer than sweats, but looks just as comfortable!
    Great job, thanks for sharing.

  6. This is so cute, Kathy! That color looks so pretty on you. It looks so comfortable and perfect as a transitional wardrobe piece.

  7. Hi Kathy, this dress looks lovely on you! I had avoided the pattern because the neckline looks huge, literally like it would fall off my shoulders, but the neckline is perfect in your photos.