Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Sweater from the Autumn 2013 My Image Magazine

I am going down a checklist of things I need to sew for Fall and Winter-- sweaters and long sleeved things are high on the list.  I knew this would be the first thing I'd sew from the latest issue of My Image magazine.  This is M1357, a comfy and very wearable cowl sweater from the Autumn/Winter 2013/2014 edition.  It's nice and roomy for layering underneath and quite simple to sew.
I made my usual size 42 but decided to grade to a 44 on the lower band that lays between the waist and hip hip.  I used a textured cotton terrycloth sort of fleece knit.  The cowl is pretty nice.  You stagger the seams on the cowl by 15 cm in different directions to give the neck a nice rumpled twist.    

I only used my serger for this, there is NO topstitching or hemming!  It would be a breeze to use a regular sewing machine with a zigzag stitch as well.  It took me under an hour at the machine to complete, even after re-sewing the cowl on after realizing I sewed the seam on the the outside.

The lower band on the hem and the bands on the wrists are large pieces of fabric folded over then sewn on, making those seams you see.  Isn't this the same technique that Sewaholic's Renfrew is sewn with?  I don't have that pattern but I think that was one of big selling points for her pattern-- it helped ease folks into sewing with knits by making it super easing to construct and not having to twin-needle topstitch if you are without a coverstitch machine.

I wish I could report that the directions for this pattern were better then those in previous issues.  I always read my directions for patterns even when I don't need them (this was such a basic garment to sew I didn't need them here.)  These were not good at all, I got lost around step six.  They didn't make sense.  Something has to be lost in translation... as I pre-read the instructions they seemed reasonable but just didn't work during the actual sewing process.  I'd rate this pattern for a beginner but would be a challenge for you if you need directions.  If you're intermediate or an experienced beginner, you should be a-ok.

The sweater is really warm, and I was so hot and sweaty taking these photos today.  I took them as fast as possible!  But I will completely appreciate this sweater by October.  Another winning, much needed, casual basic for the wardrobe.

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  1. What a great more interesting version of a basic, I really like the twisted cowl. The folded bands make such a neat finish - the best way to do it if you don't have a cover stitch I think, because even top stitching with a twin needle isn't always that neat sometimes