Friday, July 12, 2013

Rosey Dress-- Vogue 8663

This is my second version of Vogue 8663.  My first version had sleeves and was very autumnal.  This time around I again cut a 16 but extended the length of the bodice by 2" (5 cm).  I eventually had to size it down to a 14 and decreased the bodice length because I really should have extended it by 1 1/2" (3.8 cm).  My first version was made with a very non-stretch knit-- this lovely vintage inspired knit is a stretchy cotton/spandex that has about a 40% stretch.

I had been eyeing this fabric for a little while... then it went on sale for $4.55/yard I couldn't refuse.  This dress takes a bit under two yards, I still have enough scraps to spare for some possible adorable undies and/or bra!

This is such a colorful, bold print so I wanted a simple dress design with clean lines and minimal detail.  This dress is supposed to have a zipper in back... there is no reason for a zipper!  This is a slip on knit dress.  I had to keep the seams in back since I had minimal yardage to work with.  The pleated neckline is sweet and demure.

Okay, you would likely need a zipper if you opted to follow the pattern's directions to use ready-made woven bias tape on the sleeve openings and neckline.  The bias tape would be stiff and unforgiving unlike the knit binding I made.  I used the same technique to make and sew my bindings here on my running shirt.  I had to make the twin needle stitch length 3.0-3.5 to go through the multi-layer thickness of the fabric on the front neck.  At the dead center where there's a load of layers of material I even did a few 4.0 length stitches!  In the end all the binding lay so flat and nicely.

I had to shorten the skirt length a small amount because I laid out the pattern pieces incorrectly... but no problemo for me.  And here I am appearing to be contemplative on a rainy day here in Baltimore.  I'm thinking 'this dress is so freaking comfortable, more then some of the pajamas I wear, I'm going to wear this all the time.'


  1. Oh my, I love both of your variations! You've done a great job, this dress is very very pretty!

  2. Thanks!! The fabric is the scene stealer in this one... I love the print!

  3. I am in love with this dress! The print is so pretty and I really like the neckline detail. Plus it looks great on you!

  4. Girl Charlee! Love this print. The bindings look great! Much better, I think, than the woven pre-packaged kind.

  5. The colours in that fabric suit you so well! A gorgeous dress - I'm forever a fan of a matching skinny belt :)