Monday, July 1, 2013

Burda Running Shirt: An Updated Version

I couldn't help myself... I had extra fabric left over from my Bombshell Swimsuit and I HAD to use it for this fab Burda running top from the 6/2013 issue (you can also download it here on Burda's website).  My first version was pretty dang good as is but it needed a few tweaks.  I used a solid coral supplex from FabricMart and the floral material was labeled a 'swimwear/activewear' fabric made with 90% nylon/10% spandex-- I picked it up from Joann's clearance area and think it must have been a buyout from an activewear manufacturer, it's such a nice quality material with excellent wicking properties (I've run in it and washed it already!)  

For this version I lowered the neckline and brought the sleeve openings in more.  This makes it a bit more comfortable on the sweaty, hot days this town is serving up now that it's summer.

My favorite change has got to be the racerback.  I used my traced pattern and simply drew in a nice scoop inward to remove all that extra material.  Again, more breathability!

I broke out a new twin needle, finally.  I top stitched my neck and sleeve openings.  On the original Burda pattern there are short sleeves-- I excluded these obviously and made these narrow bindings.  I measured my openings and reduced the length by 15% and cute strips this length.  The width is 2 1/4" (5.7 cm) wide. I simply folded them over and serged them on.  I then used my handy dandy twin needle to top stitch-- which gives it a professional look and keeps the seams flat and lovely against the skin.

Here you can see how it all works out on the shirt.  Since I don't have a coverstitch machine, this technique really does the trick when attaching binding on knits.   

This shirt is a winner and I am sure I'll be making it again.  I'm halfway done with another Bombshell Swimsuit (the super adorable sweatheart neckline version) and I know I'll use the bits of extra fabric to make more running gear.


  1. great results!!!!Even though without coverstitch machine!!!!

  2. This looks great- especially the topstitching. I'm normally too excited to wear something by that point that I just skip it, but it really does make a big difference. I have a flippy binding on that I really need to get top stitched down. maybe i'll have a little top stitching party this weekend. I also really need to get on blogging the activewear stuff that I have made recently!

  3. Great running shirt! the topstitching looks perfect.

  4. This is such a flattering pattern! I love the fabrics you chose.