Wednesday, June 5, 2013

There Will Never Be Enough Summer Dresses in My Closet: McCall's 6744

I've been sewing intermittently now that warmer weather is here.  The business of minor home repairs, visiting the motherland for a few days (the great state of New York!) and reading a pile of books has taken my attention away from my usual crafty endeavors (in the past three weeks I've read the Call the Midwife trilogy, a non-fiction memoir of a midwife in 1950's London... fascinating!.. after having watched the TV adaptation on Netflix and PBS... and when I needed a break from some of the more intense chapters I read Eat & Run, an account of an vegan ultra-marathoner... I don't think I'll be ultra-marathoning anytime soon... or ever for that matter.  Now I'm onto Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition.

I've come back to McCall's 6744 for good reason.  I made a knee-length version of View B a couple weeks back and I love it, so comfy and very easy to wash and wear in these warmer days.  Now I'm onto View C in an soft modal spandex knit (it's a slinky, very stretchy rayon.)  I sized down to a small and graded to a medium at the hip because the fabric is so stretchy and the pattern is fairly large.  My last version I made a medium and graded to a large at the hip with a 100% cotton jersey.

This is a faux-wrap slip-on dress with an elastic waist.  The shoulder detail is simply elastic shirring applied the same way you make the elastic waistline.  I left the hem on the sleeves and skirt raw because this fabric doesn't ever unravel. 

The neckline dips down pretty low, which surprisingly I don't mind and will welcome on a hot and steamy day in August when I'm visiting the lovely state of Georgia (it's freakin' hot there in the dead of summer!)

Of course I had to try a colorful belt.  The stripes are a pretty coral, the belt a bright red.  I bought a handful of these inexpensive, narrow belts online last year in a myriad of colors.  I wear them all the time!

I made sure to get my stripes all lined up the best I could.  The bodice didn't line up exactly as planned but hey, no one will ever give a crap except me when I'm wearing it.

I may have to make this dress again in another color.  It is so easy to make.  Nothing couture here, ladies, just a fun, lightweight summer dress to sweat the 95F days away while eating homemade popsicles on the front porch.


  1. Cute dress, they are so easy & addictive.

  2. This view of the dress in a maxi length is what I was considering for poolside wear. I'm so glad you made this version as well! It is such a great style for summer and I love the stripes!

  3. That is a so versatile dress! I think you will enjoy wearing it! Brava!

  4. Looks like a great dress for summer! That fabric looks super comfy and breezy. I've read a couple of books about ultra-marathoners. I can't imagine running marathons regularly, let alone ultra-marathons. Half-marathons are as far as I've gotten, and I can't imagine going beyond that.