Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sewing Activewear: I'm the Guest Writer on Fabric Mart's Blog Today

Fabric Mart invited me to write a guest post on on their blog FabricMart Fabricistas about my current obsession for sewing with activewear knits .  I sewed up several running things for the post: a top, a running skirt and bra.  I've worn all of them a number of times in the past couple weeks and they are pretty terrific. I love the pockets on this skirt. In the post, I touch on some of the basics of sewing up activewear and knits.  Go on over to FabricMart's blog and read!


  1. That was super helpful! Thanks for the pattern recommendations too, I can't believe you made a successful running bra. I wish I had more time - too many projects to do!

  2. Kathy- I finally set aside some time to read this post and it was SUPER HELPFUL!! Thanks so much for sharing all those details. I'm trying to get up my nerve to attempt the rafting skort that I have all planned out in my head.