Monday, April 29, 2013

Paisley Bra & Undies Set

I've been sewing pretty much everyday this past week but the two projects before this lingerie didn't pan out as I had hoped.  I was extremely frustrated since I had to scrap a simple top I where I used a Patrones pattern, it wasn't even worth a photo shoot.  I also made a Burda hat which I may eventually photograph, but it's just not my favorite.  So with two failures in a row I wanted easy and reliable results to cheer me up!  So I pulled out my favorite bra pattern and this easy undies pattern.  And VOILA!  Pretty lingerie that I can wear any ole time.

I've made the Kwik Sew 3300 bra several times already, I wear a black lace one constantly because it fits like a glove.  The cups have a nice, natural, rounded shape, not pointy or matronly like some bra patterns can be.  I made View A for this set.    
I've made the Merckwaerdigh MIX30 undies to match that black lacey bra (but failed to photograph them when I did... I like to take pics BEFORE ever wearing lingerie... otherwise I feel like I'm just taking photos of used underwear then posting it on the internet.) 

I had this fabric and notions kit from Merckwaerdigh in my stash for some time.  This was the first time I ever used one of her kits, they are really nice and they include everything I needed.  There was plenty of lace, fabric and various elastics for the set... plus I have extra of the colorful printed material and the lace for another a little project in the future.  I love all the colors, the green lining, the navy blue picot elastic, the purple lace (it's really very purple but the dreary, gray light from the rainy day cast a bit of a blue hue to it.)

I did stretch the fabric out a smidge as I sewed up the undies.  The fabric is very stretchy, I think I should have paid closer attention to the tension.  But no matter... the slightly wavy edges completely disappear when I put them on.  These are some nicer quality undies, well finished, pretty and  great for everyday wear.

I always have used powernet on my bands thinking I want firm support.  I've got minimal stuff  to support here (I made a 36B) so I just doubled up on the colorful printed fabric on the bra bands.  This seems to be just fine for everyday wear.  Still I think I'll use powernet for future bras, I just like the support is gives.   

I wish I could buy a new fabric and notions kit whenever I feel like but the shipping from Europe adds up.  I do have a notions kit in red waiting for me in my stash.  I have to pace myself!  I have so many other lovely patterns to work with from my sewing magazines I've collected in the past year.

 Now that I've done my photography I can wear these!  And then start up a new project tonight. 


  1. What a beautiful set! And I totally get you about not wanting to photograph them once you've worn them - it feels much more personal and intimate then!

    I'm sorry the hat didn't work out for you - I was looking forward to seeing it. I admit it's kind of a weird shape - taller than most other hats.

  2. Thanks, Gail! Yes, it's the same hat you made... I made the wide brim version... I think I didn't like the fabric choice I made. I think I like the narrow brim much better, but I will still wear it for gardening and what not.

  3. i am SO jealous of your lingerie making skills. I hope that one day I get up the nerve to tackle this, as all my RTW bras and terribly ill fitting.

  4. What a lovely set. I really like the purple!

  5. The colors in this set are perfect together!

  6. lovin the fabric! I love making underwear!