Thursday, April 11, 2013

How to make my two year old happy...

 How to make my two year old happy:

1) Take one outdated, giant, well-worn freebie t-shirt from an Baltimore Orioles baseball game and cut it up
2) Sew it back together to make a tiny, adorable toddler sized shirt
3) After waking up from a nap, show him his new shirt and let him flip out with excitement that "mamma made a new shirt from daddy's old man shirt".

He really was incredibly ecstatic about this shirt, he had to wear it immediately, quickly asked for his Orioles hat and then to go somewhere to show it off.  My son is usually excited to see what I make and likes to see me wear it all, too, which is the sweetest thing ever.  But later tonight when he saw an old store-bought shirt he'd outgrown, he demanded to wear that one instead.

I used a raglan t-shirt pattern from Sewing For Boys and appliqued the logo on the front.  The directions calls for this to all be raw-edged but I did it the old fashioned way with my serger and some twin needle top stitching.  This was a freebie shirt from a baseball game so the fabric isn't the highest quality, making me nervous that it would fray or fall apart!  



  1. What a cutie - the boy and the shirt!

  2. So adorable! I've got a few of those O's shirts hanging around too and I keep meaning to do something similar. They only ever come in XLs!

  3. Thanks! The fabric is so junky I was nervous it would fall apart after a re-make... so far it's holding up after one wash. I sergerd all the seams and top stitched so it should be fine. Yes, re-make your O's shirts!

  4. Shucks... thanks :)

  5. Thank you! I've been holding on to a few old shirts to make some t-shirts for him.