Saturday, February 23, 2013

Vintage Nitey Pattern--A Product of Another Pattern Pyramid!

A few weeks back I was the oh so lucky winner of Hannah's Pattern Pyramid on her blog Hugs and Kisses.  When I finally got the package I had no idea what to make because all of the lady clothes were in smaller or larger sizes then me.  So I said what the heck, I will grade a 1970s vintage size 10 pajama pattern to my size (which is a vintage size 16 according to the envelope.) It really was a breeze since the pattern pieces were minimal and very simple shapes.  There is even a pantie pattern that I could have made but I realized I likely wouldn't ever use them because they would likely be adorable to take a photo off but diaper-like when worn because they are so elasticized with lots of fabric.  No thanks.

I used a soft pink organic cotton jersey for the  bodice and a white bamboo spandex rayon knit for the skirt.  The lace is likely a cotton... a vintage bit from my stash.  When I graded the pattern I went a little too large and had to fold the center front and center back to make a seam.  I think it looks like it belongs!  I also had to take in the skirt on the seams because I went to big with that as well.  I always seem to over-size when I need to estimate this sort of stuff... better then under-sizing!  I traced my pattern and used a slash and spread technique.  Easy peasy. The I topped it all off with a pretty bow in the middle.

It fits just right, flowy and loose but comfortably close on the bodice.  I'll be wearing this when the weather warms up... soon, I hope.


  1. That's a wonderful nighty! And those little bloomers remind me of the new free panty going around with all the gathers - I don't quite get it. g

    1. Thank you! They are similar to that pattern... I know the one. The other pattern is a little more detailed... and I actually like them but feel like they aren't practical for me.

  2. What a great creation! it looks so comfy xXx