Sunday, February 3, 2013

Rosy Ladyshorts: Pretty Undies (that fit!)

Undies!  They are cute, fun and use almost no fabric... well, maybe a little.  I've been an avid reader of ClothHabit for a while and have had her Rosy Ladyshorts undies pattern waiting in the wings for a while.  Did I mention it's free, too?!  I've attempted to make undies a few other times with a couple other freebie PDF patterns and then again with ripping a perfectly good fitting store bought pair apart for a pattern.  For some reason they all were ill fitting and I scrapped them.  I'm sure it was because the patterns did not take into consideration or tell you the amount of stretch your fabric must have in order for the undies to fit properly.

A view for the neighborhood

This pattern is great because it's clearly written and tells you how much stretch the fabric needs for it to work.  It goes one step further and gives you a tutorial on HOW to measure your fabric's stretch and how to adjust the pattern if it's different then what you need.  There is even a complete tutorial with loads of pictures and detailed directions on her website.  A real winner all around if you ask me.

I made the patterned undies first.  It's a rayon/spandex from a FabricMart Mystery Bundle.  I snipped off a scrap of organic white jersey knit from some yardage for the crotch lining.  The lace in from Porcelynne.  I cut a size 12, going by the hip measurements exclusively.  I found them to be a little on the large side in the waist and wanted a tad more bum coverage (these undies give good coverage but I'd feel even better with more material back there.)  Ladyshorts V.2 is made from the same ethereal blue modal/spandex as the Sky Blue Top I just sewed up.   With this pair, I reduced the waist by an inch along with the lace in the waist.  I also extended the butt area down about 3/4".  It worked out nicely! 

I used my serger on the seams but it wasn't totally necessary.  For all the other sewing I used my regular sewing machine with a zig zag stitch with my walking foot (don't have one? get one if you want to sew knits! I love mine!) and a 70/10 jersey ball point needle.  And I used a bit of purple... a bit of an homage to the purple fever here in Baltimore today.  Will the Ravens win the Super Bowl?  Why not. They got this far.  (For my international readers: It's Super Bowl Sunday... the biggest NFL football game all year... and my city's team is in it tonight... Baltimore and the U.S. love their football.)  Anyhow... I like my pretty Rosy Ladyshorts!


  1. At some point I'm gonna try this. This look lovely and thanks for the nice review. g

    1. No problemo! I just cut out three more bits of fabric and some lace tonight to make a few more pairs.