Friday, February 1, 2013

Burda Top -n- Simplicity Skirt

I've been striving to make (almost) only everyday garments I will actually wear on a regular basis.  I want to skip going to big box retail stores to get the basics I can easily make.  I've been doing pretty well with this goal in mind.  The Burda magazine this month has been a real help for me.  I've made THREE garments from it!  It's chocked full of things meant for knits... and I am a bit of a knit fanatic because of the comfort and wash/wear goodness they offer this momma.  I also made Simplicity 1717 for the second time.

The a-line skirt is a lovely fit.  It's an 'Amazing Fit' pattern that includes options for average and curvy figures.  I inevitably used the curvy one and it worked out really well.  I cut a 16 in the waist and graded to an 18 in the hip.  I used a lightweight denim I bought this summer from A Fabric Place just up the road from me.  The darts lay beautifully (the photo shows a little rumple in the fabric, I guess I was twisting a little causing said rumples.)  The pockets on front are little annoying.  They buckled out and looked terrible so I just secretly sewed an inch along the top top to keep them flat.  I doubt I would have ever used them anyhow.

I had to try the tuck and untuck.  I'm not sure which I like better.  The floral fabric is a soft Swiss cotton knit, also from A Fabric Place.  I really like the Burda raglan sleeve shirt (from issue 2/2013, #127).  The directions are so lame.  I read them over and they make it more complicated then needed.  

Raglan sleeve shirts are sooooo easy to sew since you don't have to make the effort to set the sleeves.  My method (a very common way to sew t-shirts): After making the shirring on the sleeves I matched the sleeve edges to the front, serged them, then the back and serged again.  I then made the hem on the sleeves.  I sewed up the side seams starting at the sleeve hem, up the sleeve, under the arm and down the sides.  I hemmed the top and then added the neckline.  Also, since my fabric is quite soft and has minimal recovery (due to the lack of spandex) I had to shorten the neckline piece about three inches before sewing it on the shirt. 

Now on to a few projects for my little guy.  I just finished a pair of pajama pants for him tonight.  He is asking for a backpack now!


  1. That is a great top. I'm gonna have to fight tracing to try that one. I've had really good luck with the Amazing Fit patterns so I might have to pick that one up. Should look and see when they are on sale.

    Great outfit - I think I like untucked with the belt better. Did you decide? g

  2. Very nice! Such a lovely print in the top! I was thinking I was going to do my second go-round with this pattern this weekend, but I seem to have fallen back in love with my quilt ;-)

    And of course, I have the same skirt pattern :-) Haven't gotten around to using it though - your version looks really cute!

  3. Kudos for making your everyday clothes too, rather than buying them rtw. I've seen this top made up several times already- I really like yours! Cute skirt too. I like the tucked in look!

  4. Just got my magazine in the post 3 days ago and this one is top of my list (with short sleeves) and then the one with the foldy drapey bit in the middle you made before. Yours both look great so I hope mine turn out half so well. I am also on a basics knit thing. A few months ago I also made that wrap one you did and have worn it lots since. Well done

  5. Nice top. I was hoping to get this months burda just so I could have this pattern. But it looks like that is not going to happen, I think I'm just going to try and modify last February's raglan sleeve tee to try and get the same look. I really like seeing other sewing bloggers from my home town.

    1. Thanks!! They have it on Burda's website! All the patterns from the magazines eventually end up on their site these days. It just takes them a few weeks to get them up. Here is the link:

  6. ooooh, i love that top, great fabric and the gathers really dress up plain raglan design.

  7. My little guy FINALLY lost the tooth that has been hanging by a thread for almost two months - so he got the pajamas I had made for him over christmas break in anticipation of the moment. I like the skirt - I like it when there are two darts in the back, it makes it fit better IMO. Looks like a great basic.