Friday, February 8, 2013

A Sassy Thong Pattern From Fehr Trade

Oh, my!  These are not my usual sort of undies at all.  But I couldn't NOT make them since A) They are adorable B) The pattern is free C) They are great stashbusters (even though they use only inches worth of material) D) Why not?!

You can download the pattern for free over at Fehr Trade.  I made a size large but really could have done with grading it halfway between a large and x-large.  Her sizing is very accurate and I should have paid better attention.  She compares it to Burda and the other big commercial pattern sizing.  The directions are easy to follow along and the detail in them is great for beginners.  One example is she marks where to place your lace scallops so they come out perfectly lined up with the body fabric.  This was something I didn't know about early on with lingerie sewing and my lace wasn't quite right at the seams.

I pulled out a few odd bits of materials I have.  I used a slinky woven mystery polyester for the body.  You can use a woven or knit.  I found these big pink bows (from a time when I sewed a pug a tutu) and sewed it on the back.  I know the point of a thong is for a seamless look under clothes and a silly bow would ruin it.  These are a smidge tight and I don't think I'll be sporting them under my street clothes.  I made french seams on the side seams in the lace.  The pattern gives you other good suggestions including to use clear plastic elastic to stabilize it.  I would like to make them again in a better size for me because there may be an occasion when I'd like to have a pair.

There is a detailed info and images on Fehr Trade with construction tips.  She is also giving away a kit to make your very own thong.  I'd enter but I'd feel guilty winning since I already have plenty of materials of my own and there may be a beginner who want to give lingerie sewing a whirl.


  1. I just printed the pattern for these out the other day! What a coincidence! I'm trying them out for my Sew Free Project, and pairing them with a slip. Hopefully, I have them done by the end of the week. I'm so glad I saw your post, that'll definitely help me with the sizing :) Stop by towards the end of the week if you're interested in seeing my version!

  2. These are so cute! I pinned them right away!

  3. I love the colors, and you can't beat (a) free patterns and (b) stash busting!