Monday, December 10, 2012

Surprise... It's A Skirt! (and a scarf)

I made yet another skirt and used the same pattern as last time-- Simplicity 1760.  It's so versatile and I can wear it with basically anything.  I've even worn and washed it about four times already before taking these photos.  I got rid of the kick pleat and shortened the hem about 2 1/2 inches.

Of course I NEVER have a matching zipper in my never-ending vintage zipper stash so I just found the brightest and pinkest one.  It matches the neon pink hem tape and the adorable cotton fabric I lined the waist with.

This denim was leftover from a pair of (awful) pants I made about a year ago.  I have no photos of them, they are that rough.  The fabric is about 8% or so of spandex making the garment not terribly stable and eventually droopy at your pivoting spots (knees, waist, etc.)  This is why I used a scrap of the prettiest quilting cotton inside to stabilize the waistline more then just the interfacing alone.  It worked like a dream... and washing it helps shrink it back down each time.   And boy do I love my serger for projects like this!  Neat and clean seams make me happy.  But apparently ironing isn't my favorite.

I haven't been sewing like a maniac in the past couple weeks because I've taken up knitting a little.  I started with a simple improvised scarf with a checkboard pattern (5k, 5p) to help me get back in the swing of it.  I learned to knit some basics a couple years back and something in me clicked a few weeks back and my brain said "It's time to knit again".  The sunny yellow yarn is a hand-painted  100% cotton one from Lovely Yarns, a fantastic local yarn shop in my neighborhood.

I'm a beginner and am studying up to eventually to make my own sweaters.  I just cast on a new project this week- The Playdate Hoodie for my little guy.  You can find me on Ravelry now... although my projects are limited and my profile is simple.  


  1. I've tried making jeans too. I've decided that jeans take more ambition than I have. I love the skirt though, it is very flattering. The scarf is nice too.

  2. Thanks! My best pants are the Sewaholic trousers... they aren't exactly perfect but they work really nicely. Pants are a pain to fit!!