Monday, December 10, 2012

It's that time of year: Rick Rack Season!

Before putting up our little Christmas tree I realized we didn't have many toddler-safe decorations for my little guy to help hang up (and hopefully not chew on).  During his nap I pulled out from my crafty closet a pile of felt squares, my box of vintage rick rack and a wad of stuffing from an old bed pillow.  Rather then using those little metal hangers for them I sewed on a golden rick rack loop on each one. He had a grand time putting them up... and then pulling them down and putting them back up...


Want to make your own?!  Here is a lovely tutorial for felt ornaments on one of my favorite blogs-- The Dressmaking Diaries.  The main difference with her ornaments: she was patient and hand-sewed hers... I used the sewing machine all the way. 


  1. Oh I love them! ANd you're right "toddler safe ornaments" are not something you think about until it is time to put up the tree.

    1. Thank you! They are so fun to make because you can't really go wrong with rick rack and a few triangles.

  2. I like your felt ornaments. Especially the Christmas trees with the rick rack sewn on it are great. I think it must have been so nice to decorate the tree with your little boy and you won't forget that in your lifetime. Wish you a happy new year with your family and many cozy moments with your lovelies.