Saturday, November 10, 2012

Retina Tickling Red Skirt

I love this seriously RED corduroy I picked up for a song at a thrift shop recently.  It's pretty intense.  Fire Engine Red.  Blink Your Eyes A Couple Times To Adjust Red.  So I had to keep it simple when I made something with it.

The pattern is Simplicity 2451.  It's a big hit on PatternReview with a boatload of folks having reviewed it and being named one of the best patterns of 2010.  I'm two years late on the secret.  It really is a great little basic skirt. 

Although it's a bit straight it still suits my pear shape pretty well.  It does fall about an inch below my waist (which it's meant to)... I think I'd like it at my waist... but I still like it.  The pockets are terrific, they are flat and sit nicely on the hip with no added bulk.  I don't like bulky pockets!! I made the super short version but played it safe and used a lacey hem tape to hem it up- this made me loose only about 1/4" of length.  I doubt I'd wear this without tights.  It took about three hours total to complete.  Two thumbs up on this pattern.



  1. I LOVE your skirt, and I'm excited to see a pencil-ish design on a pear shape! I'm a pear too, and I have enough A-line skirts to outfit an army! I'm buying this pattern. :)

    1. Awesome! Thanks :) I picked this one up randomly at one of the dollar sales at Joann's just because I liked the design... then checked all the reviews of later and it was a hit with other pears shaped gals. I just made sure it fell straight down from the widest point on my hips/bum so it would work. (I learned that trick from years of watching What Not to Wear :)