Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dixie DIY Hot Cocoa Sweater... TWO versions!

I really need long sleeved casual, easy shirts.  And now I've found a go-to pattern for the season... hurray!  This lovely pattern is a freebie from Dixie DIY called the Hot Cocoa Sweater.  It's a raglan long sleeved top with a trendy hemline that dips low in back and a bit higher in front.

It includes only a size 34 bust but re-sizing it is a breeze since it's such a simple design. For me I added two inches to the length of the hem and the sleeves, added about two inches in the bust and about an inch in the upper arm.  I didn't really add any to the width of the hemline since it was so full already.

My first version is made from a mid-weight recycled cotton knit.  It's like sweatshirt fabric except it doesn't have that soft, fleecy lining, it's a little scratchy and has really minimal stretch (but it's pretty comfy none the less.)  I used a ribbed white cotton with a little spandex for the cuffs and neckline.

 I don't have any sweater knits but a pile of other lightweight knits.  I used this striped mystery fabric (possibly acrylic) for version numero dos. It's on the verge of being transparent so layering is needed or I may get some funny looks at the grocery store.  I worked extra hard on this one to match the stripes.  Since it's a raglan sleeve I wasn't able to get the ones in back to match.  I got extra sassy with the cuffs here and switched up the direction of the material. This top is so comfy I could weep.  It took me a smidge over an hour to finish from cutting the material to finishing it.  I left the hem unfinished because it's such a lightweight, delicate fabric that may get wavy with stitching- plus I like the look.

This is great pattern for beginner seamstresses or if you haven't worked with knits before.  The directions are basic and clear and there's only five pieces to cut.  I've used knits lots in the past couple years since getting a serger (but you do NOT need a serger to to make this...just a walking foot on your regular ole machine.)  Hurray for a totally wearable, easy and free pattern from an indie pattern designer. Get the Dixie DIY Hot Cocoa Sweater pattern HERE!!


  1. oooh, you did stripe matching and everything! they look really cozy. i love seeing my patterns get made by other people and you did it twice!

  2. Thanks! This pattern is so easy to make you can't not make just one.