Monday, November 19, 2012

A-line Skirt... nothing more, nothing less!

I love wearing skirts.  They just suit me.  So I had to give this new Simplicity (1717, View C) basic a-line skirt pattern a whirl.  It's one of those Amazing Fit patterns meant to be pre-graded for slim, average and curvy figures.  Even with this I still had to grade the waist smaller about a size and a half--they need an "über curvy"option!  The pattern says it should fit an inch below the waistline but it looked weird on me so I went in on the waist to make it sit about at my waist (this is definitely part of the reason I had to go down so much in size.)  The model looks as though she has the skirt at her waist like I do, not below it.

The skirt is pretty full making my wool crepe flow nicely.  I actually cut and sewed on the big pockets from View A but they pulled on the fabric in such an icky way, so I ripped 'em off.  I'm recently learned the magic of belts so you likely see me with one on most of the time.  I tried this one both ways.  They both work but the belt seals the deal for me.  

I like the double darts on back making it lay nice and flat. The zipper is secretly a brick orange color.

I used a pretty pink lace hem tape along the seam and a soft pink bias tape for the edge of the inside waist.  The pattern doesn't have a lining and I was lazy and didn't make one as easy as it could have been to do. I simply used my pinking sheers for the seams rather then using my serger.  The serged seams would have added unsightly bulk and bumps... oh my!


  1. Stacy MusingrunnerJuly 23, 2013 at 1:52 PM

    Thanks for your review and blog post. I am on my second try making this skirt. I am also very curvy and the first one was super big in the waist. I will try to slim down the yoke on this one and maybe have some success. I would like one go-to skirt pattern in my arsenal.

  2. Thanks, Stacy! I may have to whip this pattern out again. The double darting is really nice for our curviness.

  3. Stacy MusingrunnerAugust 7, 2013 at 10:28 PM

    My second try came out MUCH better.

  4. Awesome!! Hurray!!!!!!!!!

  5. I'm 3/4 done with this skirt but can't figure out the bias tape instructions at the very end for the yoke waist! Can anyone give me some pointers?