Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I'm finally done: The Colette Anise Jacket!

I'm finally done with my very first jacket.  It took about 3 weeks!  What?!  I've been developing a longer attention span for working on individual sewing projects.  I'm usually one for instant gratification sort of things and things that don't include hand sewing (mostly because of limited time to work on my stuff.)  I've been really wanting to develop my sewing skills and make some better quality garments.

Each day I was able to work on the jacket in short intervals... 20 minutes here and an hour there.  I followed the Anise Companion, these are some super in-depth instructions.  I'm really glad I did... it held my hand the whole way through.  It explains everything precisely.  I now realize that I LIKE hand sewing?! And I will likely never discount a project if I need to hand sew.  This is insanity... I'd never thought I'd say that I like hand sewing.

I learned a load from working with this pattern.  I made mistakes- some I fixed, some I let slide and some that were irreversible.     

I cut a straight size 10.  The only alteration I made was to the back darts. I find that Colette Pattern darts on the back are really short and stumpy- I elongated them and made them lay more flat.  I used an icy blue wool flannel for the outside, a fun light purple and white polka dot polyester for the lining and then a basic unbleached cotton muslin for the underlining.  The flannel is light weight making the jacket for those not-so-cold Mid-Atlantic winter days or perhaps for walking around indoors at the grocery store or what not in the winter.

I really like some of the details.  The welt pockets aren't terribly difficult to make and look pretty nice.  Really, none of the pattern was difficult- it just took patience.  The Anise Companion suggested making bound button holes but I opted for machine stitched ones.  I skipped them because I felt I had so many other new things to learn at the moment.

I'm not going to point out my little mistakes even though I see a pile of them.  I have to think of them as different points at which I learned something new for next time!  If I do ever make this jacket again I would choose a heavier fabric.  I am not sure how much wear I will get out of this considering how lightweight it is.  I was aiming for a medium weight coat.  Also, I'd choose a different color.  I don't have many pastels in my wardrobe and it won't match a whole lot... perhaps I should start working on more pale colored garments.  

I love how the seams on the collar and the lapel are discreetly hidden by being pulled under ever so slightly.


  1. Oh, it looks amazing! I love the colours and I love unexpected linings! Really great job.

  2. Great work! I couldn't see any mistakes at all! You are right the welt pocket wasn't that tough but needs patience. I just completed one too in tweed and I want to make another in solid and seeing yours makes me more inspired to do so

  3. Thanks, Nothy Lane! Thanks sertyan! I saw your tweed one and LOVE it! I wish mine were a little heavier weight like yours is.

  4. This is such an awesome job!!!! Thanks for sharing your size info! I traced the size 8, I think I'm just going to go for it!

    1. Thank you! Good luck. It takes time but I learned so much. Post photos online... I'm so curious how other folks' Anise jackets turn out. I've only seen a couple others.

  5. This looks fantastic! What an accomplishment. And the color looks great on you!

  6. What an incredibly cute jacket. I love the color!