Thursday, October 4, 2012

Anise Jacket: Slow Progress

I've been slowly working through the Colette Anise jacket pattern.  This is my first jacket so I want to make it right.  I am sure I'm keeping up with the official Colette sew-along since each phase is posted only weekly on her blog.  I've been using the Anise Companion to help me along.

So far I've made a muslin in a size 10 with odd cotton bits I had in my stash.  I don't need to make any changes besides fixing the darts on the upper back- I lengthened and made them smoother.  I've found that Colette back darts are often short and stumpy.  The arms lay nice and smooth with no wrinkles!  So I went ahead and cut all my fabric.

I'm using a pale icy blue flannel for the main fabric, a pale violet polka dot  mystery fabric for the lining and a standard unbleached cotton muslin for the interlining.

One of the nice bits of advice I've used from the Anise Companion- I placed the undercollar on a dress form, steamed it and am allowing it to hang out overnight to help shape the color.  I've not done this before and hope it works out well in the end on the jacket!

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