Sunday, September 30, 2012

My best pair of handmade pants ever: The Sewaholic Thurlow Trousers

I've made a few other pants before with massive amounts of failure.  They were pretty awful.  I don't have a standard sized or shaped body that the major pattern companies cater to- I've got a butt and hips!  When the Sewaholic Thurlow Trouser pattern was released a few months back it was inevitable that I try sewing them up.

I wasn't totally sold on them at first, I wasn't sure about the wider leg look.  After finishing them I appreciate the fuller legs. I used a super awesome 100%  cotton denim I picked up for ONE DOLLAR (over four yards!) at a thrift shop.  I lined the waistband and made the pockets with an electric blue cotton (possibly a quilters cotton blend material- it was a goodie I got off Freecycle.) 

All in all, I think I really like these.  They sit nicely in front.  The backside is a tad snug but I can easily alter it a bit.  It was my first time making welted pockets- I'll do better next time but they look pretty dang good to me.


  1. Just seen these on Burda and clicked through, these are great. Good to see these on a curvier person rather that a slimmer person trying them out! I think they are fantastic!

  2. Thanks, Tasmin! I'm a devoted skirt wearer because of problems fitting my hips/thighs AND waist. I am so happy that someone created this pattern. I've used non-curvy patterns and altered them but they just aren't right still.

  3. Nice! I love trousers and jeans (I have two jeans cut out on the floor but have been distracted by a denim skirt pattern at the mo' XD) and the red is awesome.

  4. Oh those look amazing! I love the color and for only $1!!!!!

  5. You have like zero butt wrinkles! Great job!

    1. Ha! That's a major compliment! Thanks... butt wrinkles are a so annoying!

  6. These look great on you! I'm in the throes of pant fitting for my similar body shape, except with a couple of decades of gravity thrown in! This pattern looks encouraging. I'm impressed with the smooth backside;)

    I just discovered your blog and am enjoying the inspiration of your attractive and practical creations.